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Three Queens
by Rosamund Gravelle

Casting Info

About the play:

Three Queens takes place February 1554 on the night before Lady Jane Grey is due to be executed for treason. We are in Greenwich Palace in the middle of the night when the play begins. 

It is the debut play by Rosamund Gravelle and will be directed by Sharon Willems with a 3-week run at Barons Court Theatre 23 April - 11 May 2024.

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Character Breakdowns

Lady Jane Grey (playing age 18 - 25, any ethnicity, female) Lady Jane was Queen famously Queen for nine days before she was deposed by Queen Mary I. She’s been used as a political pawn by her family and will be executed in the morning, unless she is granted clemency tonight by Queen Mary. Highly intelligent and full of teenage rebellion, our Lady Jane is not the sacrificial lamb many imagine. We’re looking for an actor comfortable singing in a group for the role.


Queen Mary Tudor (playing age 32 - 38, any ethnicity, female) Mary comes to power despite being written out of the succession by her brother. She sees herself as the mother of the nation, bringing England back to the true faith and restoring order and decency. When we meet her, she’s new to her reign and still testing her power. Our Queen Mary aims to honour her mother’s memory and legacy though she finds herself vulnerable to persuasive voices within her council on how best to do this. We’re looking for an actor comfortable singing in a group for the role.


Princess Elizabeth Tudor (playing age 21 - 28, any ethnicity, female) Princess Elizabeth has been brought to Greenwich Palace to be close to her half-sister following Mary’s reinstatement in the line of succession. She lives in fear of following in her mother’s footsteps to the Tower and gallows. Our Princess Elizabeth is quick witted and capable while hiding her fears behind a brave face. We’re looking for an actor comfortable singing in a group for the role.


Kat Ashley (playing age 45 - 55, any ethnicity, female) Princess Elizabeth’s Lady-in-Waiting is  both her chaperone and protector. She has served the Royal family for much of her life and Elizabeth since the Princess was an infant. Our Kat is focussed on keeping Princess Elizabeth alive and well amidst the chaos surrounding Mary’s rise to power. We’re looking for an actor who is comfortable singing solo for the role.


Cardinal Reginald Pole (playing age 45 - 55, any ethnicity, male) Cardinal Pole has recently returned to England from the continent and seeks to become the Queen’s confidante and holds vigil with Queen Mary. After seeing his own family destroyed by religious divides, he says he wants to bring about reconciliation to England under Mary’s reign. But can he be trusted at his word, or does he have a secret agenda? We’re looking for an actor comfortable singing in a group for the role.


Sir Robert Dudley (playing age 22 - 28, any ethnicity, male) A favourite of Princess Elizabeth, Sir Dudley is Lady Jane Grey’s brother in law. While much of his family is facing certain ruin, Sir Dudley has managed to find himself safe at the Palace and with Princess Elizabeth late at night, but for what purpose? Our Sir Robert is full of youthful bravado and seeks to impress Princess Elizabeth, even when it lands him in difficult situations. We’re looking for an actor comfortable singing in a group for the role.



We will have a handful of rehearsals in March on 16, 22, 27 during the day with the full company.


The majority of rehearsals will take place 2 - 5 April, 8 - 12 April, 15 - 19 April daytime 11:00 - 5:00pm at Barons Court Theatre or a suitable alternative, and the precise schedule will be finalised once the company is confirmed. We will work as best we can with outside work commitments.


Tech will take place 22 April in the afternoon with an evening dress.


If you have any known conflicts, please include these in your application.



Three Queens will run 23 April - 11 May, (Tuesday - Saturday each week) at 7:30pm at Barons Court Theatre. Call time for actors will be 6:00pm.



This is a profit-share production; however, we have some funding in place and will continue our fundraising throughout the production. Due to these efforts, we have a guaranteed profit-share minimum of £900 per actor for the production. This will be increased equally once the production and our fundraising efforts have concluded.



We will hold workshop auditions from 1:00pm - 7:00pm on 12 March, location TBC.

The auditions will be a maximum 90min in three different groups. Group 1: 1:00 - 2:30pm, Group 2: 3:00 - 4:30pm, Group 3: 5:00pm - 6:30pm.


Actors invited to audition will be given a task and scene to work on as an ensemble with director Sharon Willems. More information will be provided to shortlisted actors, including sides.  

How to get involved:

To apply, please send a short expression of interest outlining why you’d like to be involved in Three Queens. Send these along with your preferred links (spotlight/website/cv) and your availability on 12 March to If you have any questions, please email

Applications Open: 2 March 2024

Applications Close: 10 March 2024 at 12:00pm (noon) 

We will reply to all expressions of interest by 12 March 2024. 

Kibo Productions aims to create work that reflects the world around us in all its complexity and actively seeks to develop work from artists of diverse backgrounds. 

This call out is open to everyone irrespective of race, ethnicity, nationality, faith, disability, gender, sexual identity, neurodiversity, native language, class and/or economic background. Please let us know if you have accessibility requirements or would like any other support to apply for our call out.

​The Barons Court Theatre is situated below the Curtain's Up Pub. We deeply regret that it is not easily accessible to everyone. There is a flight of stairs down to the space, a step up to the door, a step down into the space, and a step up and down into the house's right seating bank. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

​Sharon  and Leo

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