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The Drag Act's on the Table - Where's that Pudding?

6 & 7 March 2019


An (accidental) musical revue featuring Novello, Whittaker, Five Fake Welsh Songs and Three Chansons via Google Translate

Written, overheard and performed by Iestyn Edwards.

What happens when the MoD sends a Royal Marines Commando to spy on a cabaret turn’s book talk?

In and out of Madame Galina, Iestyn tells of being the only drag act ever taken out to entertain troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iestyn's book, My Tutu Went AWOL, is a detailed and hilarious account of those tours and will be available to buy on the evening.

‘Stories of touring mishaps both here and over there in warzones that are both poignant and spark rolls of laughter, that beautiful voice, the Prima Ballerina herself. A total riot.’ Jeremy Nicholas

‘The audience howled with laughter, stamped and cheered.’ The Times

'A portal for joy!' Miranda Hart.

Tickets: £10

Theatro Technis 

26 Crowndale Road


Nearest Tube: Mornington Crescent

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