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"A powerful production, filled with emotion, music and magic. A wonderful experience". ★★★★ Everything Theatre

Kibo has partnered with T-art Productions to stage this new work by Luca Tieppo (music) and Riccardo Bentsik (texts).Wind up the music box and follow Mr Wyrd in a world of alchemic magic; watch him forge intersections between the invisible tunnels of time and space; let him charm you with Suggestions of Love.


Two persons in search of a possible life, maybe in common; a character – Mr Wyrd – a sort of fate that seems to hesitate between freedom and accident; one love in every possible reality. Do the two persons meet by chance? Maybe. But it will no longer be chance when they try to give sense to it.   


CAST: Claudia Jones, Nir Kitaro, Iskandar Sharazuddin



Barons Court Theatre

28a Comeragh Road

W14 9HR

West Kensignton/Barons Court Tubes



Tickets £12/£10 Concessions

Reserve via email at or call

020 8932 4747

Suggestions of Love

For pictures of the play's performance at King's Head Theatre earlier this year, click here.


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