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Position statement in regards to recent reactions to the production of The Big Things by Mike Heath, running at Barons Court Theatre between 16 April and 5 May 2018



Since the opening night of The Big Things it has been brought to our attention that certain aspects of the production have been found to be offensive by parts of the autistic community. This could not be further from our intentions and for this we apologize.


We have been listening to all feedback received and acted on it. We will continue to listen and we will act every time it is appropriate, to the best of our abilities.


We acknowledge our production process did not involve any autistic artists and that was a mistake. We have since engaged a number of autistic artists, we will continue to do so and we will look for opportunities to work with them.


We are thankful to each and every individual that has engaged with us, and in particular to the people in the autistic community. Dialogue is important and although sometimes we might get things wrong, we have always had the best intentions at heart. We welcome all further dialogue and we reiterate the email address that has always been public: . I will reply to every single email received.


Once again, we apologize to each and every single individual which we have unknowingly offended. This has been an important learning experience for us.


Best wishes,

Leo Bacica

Company Manager, Kibo Productions

Producer, The Big Things

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