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Kibo Productions, in collaboration with Aurora Metro Books and the Romanian Cultural Institute in London is proud to present the first ever English language translation of a Romanian classic play.

The Star with no Name, Mihail Sebastian's most popular play, was first published and performed in 1944. Since then, it has benefited from numerous stagings in theatres across Romania and abroad, as well as two movie adaptations, in France (1966) and Russia (1978).

A bittersweet comedy that is still widely staged in its native Romania, The Star with no Name is translated by Gabi Reigh, winner of 2019 Pen Writes Award for translating Sebastian's novel The Town with Acacia Trees.
We are hoping that this landmark editorial event will open the doors for more translations of Romanian theatre and we are looking forward to seeing The Star Without a Name performed in theatres across England soon.

To get your copy of the book, please CLICK HERE.

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