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Playwrights, send us your script!

Playwrights: do you have a full-length play with a smallish cast (think 6 or less actors) with complex roles for women that explores themes around romantic love sitting around, begging to be produced?


If the answer is yes, please send it to by 3:00pm GMT on 6 January 2022.

We will read and consider all submissions and select one to stage in February 2022. 




  • We expect plays that have reached this level of development to have had previous readings or showings or even another small run. That's totally ok with us for this call out.

  • Full-length for us means an expected running time of 75+ minutes. 

  • Strong female narrative means at least one lead part for a female identifying actor, probably more.

  • Playwrights can live anywhere in the world. The play should predominantly be in English; however, it can be in translation or have other languages within it. 

  • Please only submit one play per playwright. 

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