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The world is open again but no one is the same.


Who are we now, and how do we reconnect with our friends, our communities, even our creativity, after being static for so long? 

Reboot Festival meant three weeks of plays for a world attempting to reboot. The festival ran 5 - 23 October 2021 at the Barons Court Theatre in London, UK.

The Festival featured writers and directors of all levels of experience, with a high number of roles going to early-career artists and recent graduates. 

The three weeks of the festival saw three lineups of dynamic new writing from playwrights from the US, Europe and across the UK. There's truly something for everyone in these funny and heartbreaking gems of new writing. 

Reboot Festival was free of charge for all NHS staff, a token of appreciation from Kibo for all of the amazing work NHS has done to see us safely through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Location:  Barons Court Theatre

Curtain's Up Pub

28a Comeragh Rd, London W14 9HR

Cast and Creatives

Week 1:

Left, Right, East, West

Writer: Emma Dawson

Director: Ioana Goga

Cast: Beatrice Bowden (Mitts)

Whose to Tell

Writer: Jacquie Penrose

Director: Eratle Wang

Cast: Rosanna Preston (Ellen), Catie Ridewood (Cindy)


Writer: Hannah Kennedy

Director: Martha J. Baldwin

Cast: Beth Lindsey (Emma), Emily Millwood (Nina)

Holding Fire

Writer: Jake Hart

Director: Bethany Gemmell

Cast: Jake Hart (narrator)


Before I Talked to Shoes

Writer: Alina Rios

Director: Afton Aitkenhead

Cast: Iskra Everhys (Girl), Mercedes May López (Rose), Sara Odeen Isbiter (Muffy), Ben Sanderson (Danny)

Week 2:

Sugar Pie

Writer: Vivian Lermond

Director: Elizabeth Sanderson

Cast: Robyn Pinkney (Ida), Tom Driver (Willie)


Not Helping

Writer: Sebastião Marques Lopes

Director: Chantelle Dusette

Cast: Lucy Stepan (Dawn), Daniel Dixon (Harry)



Writer: Jagoda Kamov

Director: Jagoda Kamov

Cast: Giorgio Galassi (Joe), Pierre Laurent (Tim)


Out of Love

Writer: Esti Bragado

Director: Vittorio Pari

Cast: Esti Bragado (Claire), Alexandre Smith (John), Samantha Powell (Maddy)


Operating Systems

Writer: Susan Lynch

Director: Lou Corben

Cast: Naila Mansour (Da), Nia Powell (Aman)

Week 3: 

Those That Are Special

Writer: Emma Zadow

Director: William Spencer 

Cast: Charlotte East (Lucy), William Spencer (Nadia)


Perfect Timing

Writer: Ioana Goga

Director: Isobel Way

Cast: Phoebe Cleghorn (Mary), Eliza Beth Stevens (Delilah), David Stevens (Zach)


The Trial of Prince Charming

Writer: Pamela Morgan

Director: Abi Turner

Cast: Sophie Leach (Cindy), Mohit Mathur (Lawyer)


Writer: Gabrielle Curtis

Director: Leo Bacica

Cast: Roxana Lupu (Siobhan), Moore Cruise (Matt)


Woman, a Choreopoem 

(Or, That Time When Michelle Obama & I Had Da Hong Pao Tea)

Writer: Catalina Florescu

Director: Sharon Willems

Cast: Anca Vaida (Sun), Romayn Rose (Renaissance)

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