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Performances: 17-22nd September 2013


Barons Court Theatre

28a Comeragh Road

W14 9HR

West Kensignton/Barons Court Tube


10% of the box office was donated to Amnesty International

If you cannot make the performances, please consider donating your ticket amount to Amnesty International to support their efforts. More information here.

To learn how to support the production and future projects like this, please look here.

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View our press release here.


Love, Hate, and Human Rights

A Theatrical response to Russian Article 6.21 and other Human Rights Concerns Worldwide


In June 2013 Russian President Putin signed the bill banning ‘Propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors’ into law, provoking international outcry around the world. 


Kibo Productions brought together some of London’s brilliant emerging playwrights, directors, and actors to create short plays in response to this and other human rights concerns worldwide. The result was a festival of plays that aimed to inspire, question, and bring humanity to some of the world’s most pressing debates. 


Love, Hate, and Human Rights was full of new plays that explored the boundary between love, hate, and politics with theatrical abandon.


The Plays:


In A Moment by Andre de Sousa
Director: Rachel Knightley


The Kiss by Jonathan Skinner

Director: Madelaine Moore


Conflict Tourism by Roz Wyllie
Director: Bethany Pitts


Water Under the Board by Christopher Adams
Director: Daniel Hutton


Non-Traditional by Anonymous

Director: Becka McFadden/Eva Danickova


Don't Ask, Don't Tell by Michael Ross
Director: Victor Correia

Security by Will Howells
Director: Sarah Meadows

Against the Law by Tina Jay
Director: Sharon Willems

'Inspiring, engaging, intelligent, thoughtful and thought-provoking.'


-Vada Magazine


Full review here.



We were grateful for additional support from the Peter Tatchell Foundation, Stephen Fry, Ovalhouse Theatre, and Resonance FM Out in South London.

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