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Our Code of Ethics

We believe it's increasingly important for arts organisations to be explicit about what they consider best practices, even small, independent theatre companies like us.

With this in mind, the code below is an inexhaustive list of how we approach making work and what we see as our responsibilities to our collaborators and audiences.

  • We actively and intentionally seek to include female, LGBTQI, disabled, working-class, neuro-diverse, refugee, and BAME voices in our projects and advocate for under-represented voices as often and loudly as we can. 

  • Wherever possible, we seek to partner with charitable organisations to broaden the social impact of our work and deepen our relationship with our local and global communities.

  • We strive to be an equal-opportunities and inclusive company with a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of harassment and discrimination.

  • We work to act ethically in terms of paying our artists and collaborators and strive for financial fairness. 

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