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Indignitas by Jonathan Skinner

In January, 2013, we were delighted to develop Jonathan Skinner's short play, Indignitas, for Little Pieces of Gold's short play festival, Festopia.

Indignitas is set in a future where redundancy forces Foster, a hard-working family man, to face the ultimate choice: sacrifice his life for the financial security of his family or face a future of hopeless financial uncertainty.

Festopia ran at Theatre503 22-25th January and brought together some of London's most exciting playwrights and theatremakers to imagine the future as either utopia or dystopia. Little Pieces of Gold run regular new writing events, and we encourage writers and theatre creatives to get involved with this exciting company. For more infomation, please visit their website.

Cast: Simon Nicholas, Tabitha Becker-Kahn

Dans Le Noir

In 2012, we worked with new film production company, Black House Pictures to produce their first original short film, Dans Le Noir. Dan Le Noir is a zombie thriller where London faces an imminent zombie apocalypse. 

Through out the spring and summer of 2012, we assisted with pre-production planning, script development, and the assembling of the production team and casting. As filming kicked off, we maintained the production schedule and took the lead with social media and brand marketing, taking all production photos, setting up and maintaining facebook and twitter pages, and designing the website for Black House Pictures.

Dans Le Noir has recently been awarded Best Short Horror by British Horror Film Festival at the Empire Leicester Square. For more information, please contact director Katy Tuck.

The Final Days of Fringe Theatre

In 2011, we participated in one of London's most popular annual new writing events, The Off Cut Festival. Over a two-week period, we developed Ian Townsend's satirical short play about arts funding and the creative mind for performance at The Riverside Studios. 

Cast: Freddie Machin, Kate Walsh, and Mary Bennett

P A S T   P R O D U C T I O N S

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