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In the near future after another, even greater, financial crisis than the one we're currently experiencing, Foster struggles to make ends meet as he's made redundant yet again. With panic in the air and desperation on the streets, the government sets up the Voluntary Euthanasia Act to cope with the growing strain on its resources. In this scheme, parents can can opt to be euthanized and donate their pensions and savings to their children.

In Indignitas, we see Foster's last ten minutes with his doctor as he faces the choice to sacrifice his life for his children.

Filming in London and Brighton this March and April, we are working hard in post-prodcution to complete bringing Jonathan Skinner's thought-provoking work to life. For a sneak peak of our work so far, have a look at the gallery below.



Simon Nicholas


Tabitha Becker-Kahn




Sharon Willems


Jonathan Skinner

Director of Photography

Leo Bacica

Sound Recordist

Coroiu Cristian


Lee Elston, Sophia Booker, Sam Skinner, Andrew Niven, Matt Hill

With special thanks to Neil and Dan and the folks at Theatre Delicatessen, Cleo Harris-Seaton and Little Pieces of Gold.

Photography by Veronica Mart.

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