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Kibo Productions is a theatre company founded in 2013 by Sharon Willems and Leo Bacica. After producing work for a numbers of year on the fringe, in 2021 we have found a home at Barons Court Theatre. Running Barons Court Theatre is currently our core business and a full time job for both of us.

We still develop and produce our own plays, but our main source of excitement is being able to support and nurture other companies and creatives.

We're a friendly, collaborative and inclusive company with a strong set of values. We like international theatre, we like socially involved theatre, and we like new writing. More importantly, we like you! Don't be shy, say hi!

If you want to see what we're currently cooking, probably best to head to

More About Us

We can hardly believe we've been at it for over a decade!

Since October 2021, Kibo has managed Barons Court Theatre. This small space under The Curtains Up Pub offers an atmospheric and very intimate stage and unforgettable experiences for the audiences.

We're at 28a Comeragh Road, W14 9HR, and we're looking forward to seeing you! Come see a show sometime!

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